The importance of CIBIL score increases when you are going to take a loan against property. The higher is the credit score the higher are the chances to get approval for loan at a low interest rate. If the credit score is 750 out of 900 then it is the best CIBIL score for faster approval of loan against property application.
Loan against property is a kind of secured loan that can be taken at a low interest rates. You may also get the loan approval even if your cibil score is low. However, the interest rate of mortgage loan will be on the higher side as a result of low credit score. Also, paying a higher amount of loan poses the problem in EMI payment.

The high or bad credit score can be due to many reasons. In order to increase the credit rating, you must pay all the EMIs of credit card and loan on time. You must take a mix of unsecured and secured loans. You must avoid taking many liabilities. Don’t apply for loan applications at the same time. If you have a score of 550 or low, then it decreases your chances of approval of the loan.