When it comes to home renovation, many ideas cross your mind and most importantly, space must be utilized to its fullest. Here are a few tips that can help you renovate your home with ease:
1. For better visualization, you can keep your existing furniture pieces aside in one place, and widen up your imagination for the free space left with you. Empty spaces can throw in many unique ideas.
2. You can choose your own style for background, paint, fittings, lighting and arrange things to meet different purposes. If you find trouble planning all this, you can hire an interior designer.
3. Plan the financial: In case you have fund shortages, you can always go for a home renovation loan. Advantages of loan against property for home renovation:

  • Loan amount: Banks offer a loan amount of up to Rs. 3.5 crore which is a large amount for the renovation of your dream house.
  • Documentation: Minimum documentation is required.
  • Quick disbursal: With easy eligibility criteria, the processing period is not much longer. After the completion of all formalities, the loan gets disbursed in 72 hours or slightly more than that.
  • Flexible tenure: The home renovation loans comes with a flexible payback tenure of 2-20 years in order to make repayment convenient for borrowers. Self-employed individuals get a maximum loan tenure of up to 18 years.

    The hassle-free and faster process can help you realize the dream of your ideal home with ease.