Are you short of money to live a dream life? People require some emergency funds over time for the marriage of kids, holidays, educational expenses, etc. You can avail various loans like a secured and unsecured loan from banks and non-banking financial companies. An individual can easily get a loan against property for different purposes. The approval of this loan depends on various factors like – credit history, CIBIL score, valuation of the property, etc. Just provide needed documents and apply at the best lender to get the easy loan approved.

Features of Loan Against Property

Loan Interest Rate: Always look for the lender that offers the lowest interest rate. Just compare the offers from available option. Loans against property are much lower than the unsecured loans.

Best Repayment Tenure: Loan against property provides a higher tenure to repay. This may range from 10-20 years depending on the buyer's repayment capability. This definitely reduces the burden on an individual of EMIs and helps to pay easily.

Easy Repayment: When you avail a loan from a reliable lender, you get enough time to repay the money through EMIs. You can select convenient tenure and also enjoy partial or pre-payment facilities.

Maximum Loan Amount: With a loan against property, you get a maximum loan amount approved easily. This also depends on the valuation of the property and your requirement.

Bajaj Finserv helps people to easily get a loan against property as per their requirement. It also provides a clear picture of your loan with easy and timely property loan statement. You get a pre-approved loan that is available with minimum documentation and easy processing.